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As an owner of a small business it is important to have the right coverage.  Small businesses are one of the largest growing companies in the country.  The cost of small business insurance will greatly differ on a variety of variables.  However, the median price is roughly $430 a month.

The purpose of small business insurance is to cover any losses due to events that may occur during the normal course of business including coverage for property damage, legal liability and employee-related risks.

Owning a small business inherently means that accidents will happen at one point or another.  Depending on the type of business will impact the percentage that something may happen.  For example, if your small business is construction or something of that nature; you may have a greater chance of an employee hurting themselves on a job site.  However, if you have a small IT business the chances of electronic failure or even electrical fires increases due to equipment used that can overheat and catch fire.

The type of small business insurance will depend on the type of business you want to cover.  For example, general liability coverage will provide protection if someone is injured in your business as a result of your negligence.  This type of insurance will help pay for legal costs if you are ever taken to court over any incidents that occur at your business.  Commercial general liability insurance covers medical expenses as well.    Another form of insurance is business property coverage.  This will cover your business’ building (if you own it) and its contents against covered perils.  For example, if your business is damaged by fire, your property coverage can help pay for repairs.  Or, if your furniture or other pieces of property is stolen the property coverage may help to replace it.  It is important to understand that each coverage has deductible limits, so it is important to take that into consideration when buying property coverage.

The other form of coverage is business income coverage, and this typically is part of the business owner’s policy and this will help replace any lost income and increase expenditures if your business is affected by a natural disaster or other act of destruction to your business.

Business insurance costs even though may seem expensive because of the monthly payments; it is worth it if something were to happen that was not in your control.

Our comprehensive insurance will help keep the stress of purchasing insurance down as we are able to provide you with the proper coverage for where you are in life and the current situations you may face.  We also offer competitive rates compared with other companies in the Denver Colorado area.  We look forward to speaking with you regarding your auto, life, home, and small business insurance needs.

The Robert Whittet Agency is here to help small business owners find the coverage they need in order to protect their business. We work with more than one insurance carrier to offer a variety of coverage’s at competitive rates to help owners protect their needs all within their budgets. For more information, please contact us via our form or by calling 303.317.2363.

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